Industrial Coatings

Capable of Covering Almost all Building Materials, Regardless of Condition

Spray foam insulation

Bringing greater value to your building, spray foam offers superior insulation properties and protection against mildew, pests, and fire. Our reliable team provides high-quality open and closed cell spray foam insulation services for your industrial projects!

SPF roofing

SPF roofs are installed by spraying a liquid on the existing roof and allowing it to expand into foam. This process means that the foam can conform to all roof shapes and types, even irregularly shaped roofs. Trust Celtic Industrial Services to perform this service safely and efficiently on your next project.


Celtic Industrial Services provides our clients with unparalleled industrial fireproofing services. Our ability to execute these duties ensures that your project will proceed in the most efficient, highest quality and safest manner possible.

Industrial coatings & paints

Celtic understands your unique needs and offers high-quality, expert coatings solutions. We provide clients with highly skilled professionals with extensive experience to provide you with the unmatched service you deserve.

Give Your Building a New Look and Feel

Celtic utilizes open and closed cell foam to insulate industrial buildings, tanks, and equipment. Celtic also works with specialized layers that allow the foam to become water-tight, fireproof, and weatherproof, enabling the material to be applied to exterior roofs and walls. Cover your old inefficient building to become a tight and energy-efficient space.