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Data Center & Crypto Mining

Design & Construction

Since 2019, Celtic has successfully completed numerous projects within the Data Center & Crypto Mining industry. From our experience and ability to produce highly skilled cross-trained personnel, Celtic has become a valued partner of multiple facilities within this sector. Celtic has successfully built over 85 MW of crypto mining facilities, making us a leader in the industry. Celtic has been included in the design and implementation phases throughout these projects, playing a vital role in the design, budgeting, construction, and maintenance. 

Quickly & Safely Meeting Client Expectations

Celtic understands the importance of getting these facilities up and running quickly while not sacrificing quality or safety. Celtic’s team has worked around the clock to meet project milestones set by our clients. Our working knowledge and relationships with material suppliers allow us to pre-order materials to eliminate delays caused by material lead times and supply chain issues. 

Design, Layout, & Engineering

Trust our dedicated crew to research, plan, and oversee circuit layout and production. Our industry-experience of electronic and mechanical systems allows us to safely convert schematics into full custom layouts of analog, digital, and mixed-signal designs, while ensuring layout quality and performance optimization.

Rack & Hot Aisle Construction

Our trusted crew will provide hot aisle containment solutions for data center construction and retrofit projects. Celtics is committed to maintaining best practices to conserve energy and lower your cooling costs by managing air flow.

Doghouse Construction & Installation

Celtic offers fast, reliable and affordable doghouse building services, including all types of repairs, installation, and maintenance.

Full facility build-outs

Buildout refers to the rest of the construction process that occurs with a space that has already been built in its raw form. Our team will work with you to ensure your project is completed to your specifications and vision.

Power plant strip-outs

Celtic has the knowledge and experience to execute large-scale, complex power plant strip-out requirements. We assure you that your project, regardless of size, will receive prompt and professional service.

Full construction of outdoor container facilities

When you need complete buildings, building materials, and industrial products and services, Celtic has you covered. Our trained team and optimal storage for tools, materials and key equipment will have your project completed safely, on schedule, and on budget.

Substation construction

Celtic Industrial Services is engaged in the design and construction of substations, offering innovative technical solutions for your business. Our timely and reliable team offers the expertise to safely complete your building’s needs.

Utility digging and backfill

Utility digging and backfill services requires a highly skilled and professionally trained team–and Celtic provides just that! Once excavation is complete, we’ll ensure proper backfill for any exposed facilities and remove all utility markings for your upcoming project.

Air intake hood construction and installation

Celtic offers different styles of fresh air intake hoods for use with various applications. We’ll ensure that your project meets the highest standards for quality, performance, and safety.

Full-Service Contracting

Celtic is a genuine “Full Service” contractor for the Data Center and Crypto Mining industry. We will work with you to ensure all your wants and needs are put first from start to finish. Previous projects include:

Full Facility Build-outs

Power Plant Strip-outs

Full Construction of Outdoor Container Facilities

Substation Construction

Utility Digging and Backfill

Miner Rack Design and Construction

Ventilation Doghouse Construction and Installation

Air Intake Hood Construction and Installation

Complete Hot Aisle Construction

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